सभी को बताएं कि हैंगर रंग क्यों बदलता है


सबको बताओ कि हैंगर रंग क्यों बदलता है,कांटा manufacturers tell you why the कांटा is easy to change color. During the use of the कांटा, discoloration may sometimes occur, and this may also occur when the manufacturer of the dipped कांटा is in production. This may be due to the influence of the electroplating process or the electroplating raw materials.

The first is the कांटा hook part, because most of the inner कांटाs are plated, if the plating is uneven, the कांटा hook part will change color. Then there is the part of the कांटा clip. The कांटा clip is electroplated after it is worn. During electroplating, it may come into contact with the electroplating solution unevenly, resulting in poor electroplating, which will affect the color. The third is the logo part. Generally, the front side does not appear, but the spot welding on the back side is more likely to appear.
Through the introduction of the कांटा manufacturer above, everyone should know why the कांटारंग बदलना आसान है!
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